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Plumbing  and Pipe Fitting Services

Tri-tech employs a team of licensed plumbers to connect all piping necessary to implement your new Boiler, Steam, or Domestic Hot Water system. With over 30 years experience installing heating and cooling systems of all types, the Tri-Tech team is completely confident that our solutions to your piping and venting issues will be both functionally and aesthetically sound.

Industrial and Steam Piping Services

Industrial Piping refers to specialty piping run inside a factory or building. Often this piping is related to the heating and cooling systems we install and maintain, other times it can be related to manufacturing processes or specialty heating and venting systems needed for these.  For example, Tri-Tech is an expert in the installation of specialty steam piping that delivers high-pressure steam to industrial applications in factories, sanitizing applications in hospitals and clinics.  Expertise in the design and use of steam piping is a dying art, yet it still has many uses in modern businesses. Tri-Tech is an experienced partner for implementing your steam piping systems in any industrial piping application owing to the long and diverse experience we have in this area.

Underground Piping

Tri-Tech also has an in-house competency in the installation and repair of underground piping.  Often we find this in a campus environment where large drain, waste, or steam pipes run in-between buildings from a central mechanical installation. Whatever your heating and cooling setup, know that Tri-Tech is able to deal with the complete project including the underground piping that are commonly subcontracted by other companies.

When you need experienced commercial pipefitting skills, please call Tri-Tech for a discussion of your system and needs.